Saturday, January 26, 2013

RoadKill Buddha

Little fat man,
crossing road,
dont slow down,
truck is coming.....
Ah well,
time for new recipe.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Son of the Moon

My mother
sits in the garden
by green growing things
she has planted me
deep in the earth
entangled me
with roots
watered me
with tears of indifference
What am I
the son of the moon
amongst all these sprouts
come harvest
I’ll be cut down
ground fine
offered up
glad to be swallowed
into silent oblivion
my mother
sits in the garden
surrounded by stars
while I rise in the east
and she basks
in the light
of my sorrow
the moon doesn’t frown
the sun never smiles
my hearts never broken
and words never lie
we all die
long before
we’re ever born
the ceaseless round of tomorrows
are all yesterdays
and I am the child
of unquenchable desire

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Shaddai

Drink Deep
I AM the river
and the current
I AM the ocean
and the tide
I AM yesterday
wrapped in tomorrows swaddling cloth
give me your breast
Great Mother
when I cry it lets down
and I AM my own sustenance
poured out
and replenished
from the same source


Thursday, February 5, 2009


My Mystical Sister….
I dreamed of my wife before I met her. Speaking softly she was half white, half black, she was my Goddess without, my soul within. She is my twin, my mirror, and I can be absorbed by her skin, its hard to tell where I leave off or she begins. I pray deeply brothers that you meet your mystical kin, you'll know her when you meet her, there wont be any doubt. I had a dream where I searched for her all over the city, on a bicycle, through every obstacle and defying the forces of gravity it seems, and time itself got between but waiting were the ones we had each collected through the ages, waiting for us to find one another again...some family...some friend....and I did bring her back again! People think we are brother and sister and eyebrows rise when they witness our intimacy softly conspiring to draw them in. Then they see her and my sister and think they are sister, and I brother to them. My family knows she saved me and hers that I have done the same for them. And magic happens, magic happens! The whole world comes together in just one place and swirls like a pool of water sucking you down into the only place you've ever been all along. No wonder things happen, they're all right here when she is near, its literal my friend, the allegories, stories and dreams, the sacred marriage, the union of opposites. What do you do with it really? You cant give it to the ones you want and the ones you dont know reach out and take it from you like they had it all along. Most don't see it and the ones you force it on end all fucked up. Women get it quicker than men, they find it easier to let you in. It's a force you have to hang on to to the end because when it comes apart my friend you find your carrying the others parts of themselves and cant put them back again, the whole damn cosmos goes out of kink. But when we're in sync, when we're on a roll, we can walk into the otherworld and take this one with us, right here in our little circle, the whole world grounded at both ends, and we'll have a pivotal moment, that's the reward for tilting the universe, a moment soon gone and lost in the everyday lives. Miracles are soon gone and life's a constant sorrow, how do I believe in magic tomorrow? Just by looking in her eyes….and seeing myself again. I wish her on you, that woman who will be your beginning and end. Peace be With Thee,

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Lady of Sorrows


She always runs to the sea,
Always yearns to be free,
I hope some day she'll come home,
To me....
Like a word in a book,
Like the bank of a brook,
She has tried to always fill,
My need.....
While I clutch and I drown,
Trying to keep what I found,
What I know never belonged,
To me.....
I'm just a beggar with empty cup,
Just a bitch who lost her pup,
Always afraid I ask too much,
Of the Sea.....
All my rivers have run,
From me.....
If I have been untrue,
Too often to you,
That's not what I wanted,
To do.....
I swear by my wrong,
I swear I'll be strong,
I will learn to love,
The sea.....

I need you, I need you, I need you.......


Monday, November 10, 2008

Millenial Fever

A time of light, a time of dark
or a time when colors do their part?
To paint the world in shades of grey
doesn't fit the world we see today!
Yesterdays never a subtler hue
than the world the Gods bequeathed to you...
To live in fear and live in gloom
or see the world beyond your room,
with days that glow and moons that beckon
and glorious ages beyond your reckon.
Number not the times you've had,
the times your glad,
the times your sad
the end will find you all too soon
for we all dance that pipers tune!
Whether we dance or whether we pray
never forget to "seize the day!"
Count not what limits tomorrows
miring time with its constant sorrows,
we're not tied to the turning wheel,
although that's sometimes what we feel...
Its over and over the pattern again
yet always back to where we begin.
So savor the joy or wallow in pain,
bask in the sun or soak in the rain,
its all been put here just for you,
and theres no mystery in what to do!
Remove regard for limitations!
Worry not for destinations!
Theres no need for hesitations!
Life comes not in daily rations!

We're on a sea with no further shore,
for an endless moment and nothing more,
so love this place and love these friends,
because loves the thing that never ends,
and if some day the whole world shatters,
that we've loved is all that matters.


written in response to the concern of so many people about end times, elections, and other at the feast of Muses, Autumnal Equinox, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fae Folk
(Dedicated to the Faeries of DMC)

Fae Folk, Fae Folk, come out in the night
To twirl and dance in the frail moonlight
Out in the woods we're given to fright
Best keep the fire burning real bright
For many a wicked and devilish Sprite
To torment and devil with eyes flashing bright
A poor slow human is the Faeries delight
We tremble and shake at the horrible sight
An army of Faerie with magical might
Riding black steeds down from the height
None dares face and none dares fight
Only run and flee and pray we're alright!

Fae Folk, Fae Folk, your not naughty Elves
You're the power we flee but find in ourselves….

------ kestrel -------