Friday, September 5, 2008

Fae Folk
(Dedicated to the Faeries of DMC)

Fae Folk, Fae Folk, come out in the night
To twirl and dance in the frail moonlight
Out in the woods we're given to fright
Best keep the fire burning real bright
For many a wicked and devilish Sprite
To torment and devil with eyes flashing bright
A poor slow human is the Faeries delight
We tremble and shake at the horrible sight
An army of Faerie with magical might
Riding black steeds down from the height
None dares face and none dares fight
Only run and flee and pray we're alright!

Fae Folk, Fae Folk, your not naughty Elves
You're the power we flee but find in ourselves….

------ kestrel -------

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