Monday, November 10, 2008

Millenial Fever

A time of light, a time of dark
or a time when colors do their part?
To paint the world in shades of grey
doesn't fit the world we see today!
Yesterdays never a subtler hue
than the world the Gods bequeathed to you...
To live in fear and live in gloom
or see the world beyond your room,
with days that glow and moons that beckon
and glorious ages beyond your reckon.
Number not the times you've had,
the times your glad,
the times your sad
the end will find you all too soon
for we all dance that pipers tune!
Whether we dance or whether we pray
never forget to "seize the day!"
Count not what limits tomorrows
miring time with its constant sorrows,
we're not tied to the turning wheel,
although that's sometimes what we feel...
Its over and over the pattern again
yet always back to where we begin.
So savor the joy or wallow in pain,
bask in the sun or soak in the rain,
its all been put here just for you,
and theres no mystery in what to do!
Remove regard for limitations!
Worry not for destinations!
Theres no need for hesitations!
Life comes not in daily rations!

We're on a sea with no further shore,
for an endless moment and nothing more,
so love this place and love these friends,
because loves the thing that never ends,
and if some day the whole world shatters,
that we've loved is all that matters.


written in response to the concern of so many people about end times, elections, and other at the feast of Muses, Autumnal Equinox, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fae Folk
(Dedicated to the Faeries of DMC)

Fae Folk, Fae Folk, come out in the night
To twirl and dance in the frail moonlight
Out in the woods we're given to fright
Best keep the fire burning real bright
For many a wicked and devilish Sprite
To torment and devil with eyes flashing bright
A poor slow human is the Faeries delight
We tremble and shake at the horrible sight
An army of Faerie with magical might
Riding black steeds down from the height
None dares face and none dares fight
Only run and flee and pray we're alright!

Fae Folk, Fae Folk, your not naughty Elves
You're the power we flee but find in ourselves….

------ kestrel -------

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alone and Blue

for justin.....

Not once but twice,
Alone and blue
Before, And after you.....

What will it take my love
To hold you
Like I want to do
Like the land
A river runs through
Like the shore
Holds the ocean too..
What will it take my love
To show you
My heart will be true
You must have a clue
I'm still in love with you
Like love is brand new
And there's never been
No one but you.....

Not once but twice
Alone and blue
Before, And after you.....